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Men of Integrity

Men Of Integrity Inc., is an organization of a diverse group of men, from all different educational , and professional backgrounds. 


Our goal is to empower, educate, and engage the young men in our community, and to give them the tools necessary to be successful and achieve Greatness. 

We extend our support through Our Founding Principles of  Mentorship, Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Service. 

Trust in yourself and success will follow

Javar Williams

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Meet The Team

Javar Williams.jpg

Javar Williams

Founder of Men of Integrity

Javar Williams is an Operational Manager for a Fortune 500 company and has quickly risen in the ranks to become one of the top managers within his company.   As the first born amongst his siblings, he is a natural leader. He has a passion for mentoring people and an excellent work ethic.


Javar believes a great leader should know how to do the tasks that are delegated onto their employees and he's often found leading by example. Javar enjoys traveling often to find peace, tranquillity, and balance. He also enjoys donating time and money to charity.

Shantay Carter.png

Founder of Women of Integrity

Shantay Carter

When it comes to Shantay Carter, helping others is more than just a job- it’s her passion and her purpose. From her daily work as a dedicated nurse to her ambitions as the founder of a thriving nonprofit organization, (Women of Integrity Inc). The New York area native has an extensive history of letting her caring nature guide her path.

Wendell Arthur.png

Massage Therapist / Poet

Wendell Arthur

"Mental toughness is about controlling your emotions, which means coming to terms with the fact the world owes you nothing"...I am a proud

Devoted father to a 6yr old that looks up to me everyday. Poet, massage therapist, all about my health and fitness. Family oriented and very big on the healthcare and helping those in need. Goals of going back to school for Respiratory therapy and one day incorporating both Massage & Respiratory therapy and who knows, open my practice one day.


 "Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage."  – Victor Kiam

Michael Pettigrew_edited.jpg

Personal Assistant

Michael Pettigrew

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, J.W.I. Michael Pettigrew grew up in Waterhouse where he had a challenging childhood. At age 12 Michael started attending the Learning for Earning Activity Program Center " LEAP Center", where he learned he had the skills and ability to let others listen to him. At age 15 he became a prefect and member of the Disciplinary Committee at Clan Carthy High School.

Michael has been a member of Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) since 1998. Upon which he mentored church colleagues in need of assistance with school projects or had at home problems. 

Based on his background, education, experiences and drive to help others, he now joins the Men of Integrity MOIinc Hempstead NY, to help foster and develop the minds of young men in order to help them realize their full potential in a positive way.

Terron Gold.jpg

Graphic Design / Marketing

Terron Gold

As a highly skilled visual conceptualizer and innovator with over 15 years of experience in the field of graphic design. He developed my talents at the Art Institute of Atlanta and have been perfecting my craft since 2000. Terron has  worked in corporate agencies & freelance environments, creating unique images that help brand & market their ideas. 

He has worked with small business such as Women of Integrity LLC. (WOI), Men of Integrity LLC. (MOI), Thanx A Mills Publishing, Prevalent Clothing LLC, Seven12 Collection LLC. Kredit Koncepts LLC, Lil’ Kessie’s Kitchen LLC & Wire Wizard LLC.  

Terron is highly motivated and creative team player, very attentive and always eager to learn & teach.

Jamar Williams.jpg

Insurance Adjuster

Jamar Williams

Jamar Williams is an Insurance Adjuster who works with one of the nation's leading firms to help
assist people affected by national catastrophes. Jamar believes that empathy, compassion, the willingness to listen, and effectively provide swift
resolution goes a long way to those in need. He takes a great deal of pride in knowing that his help has made and will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of many families.  In his free time Jamar enjoys writing and producing music, watching sports, and movies.



Patrick Carter

Patrick Carter  migrated to United States, from Jamaica, West Indies. He built a life in Greatneck, NY. Patrick is a retired Highway Worker.  Patrick has four beautiful children. He is no stranger to hard work or being of service. He has volunteered with the Boy Scouts, Women Of Integrity Inc., and has mentored young boys on life skills. When Patrick is not spending time with his family, you can find him fishing.

Spencer Daudier.jpg.png

IT Specialist / Photographer

Spencer Daudier

As a proud member of MOI, Spencer specialized in computer tech repair and help desk at the law form of Piccianno and Scahill for 14 years.  For the past (3) years, Spencer has followed his passion for photography and has become much more serious with submissions in various magazines.  Spencer's passion has also given him the opportunities to do photography for corporate events parties and captured amazing family moments.

Riyaad Khan.JPG

Personal Financial Representative

Riyaad Khan

Riyaad Khan has been a staple in the community over the years, helping customers with their financial needs & insurance needs. Riyaad has 10 years’ experience as a Personal Financial Representative & has worked with many customers to help them with their Retirement, Life Insurance & Investment. In addition to providing quality service Riyaad & his staff help support customers with Auto, Home & Business insurance. In his spare time Riyaad enjoys being involved with charities, volunteering for youth development & traveling with his wife & daughter. 

Gregg Medley.png

Military - Signal Communications

Gregg Medley

Gregg Medley was born in Jamaica. He came to the United States in 1982, where he resided with his father who was in the military. Being a military child, he has had the opportunities to live in several countries and states such as Germany, England, Netherlands, South Carolina, North Carolina,
and Massachusetts.

He graduated from Hyde Park High School in Boston, MA at which time I enlisted in the US Army. I spent the next six years in the Army at which point I was deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Storm.  After my enlistment ended, I
decided to go back to college where I received a BA in Business.

In October 2017, Gregg decided to go back to Active Military Service, where I’m currently serving.


Gregg has served a total of 19 years in the Army with a variety of jobs to include, Logistics, Signal, Civil Affairs,
and Recruiter. My time in the military has been rewarding and enjoyable.

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